Is Apple Destined for Sony’s Fate?

Apple has been the forefront of technology for a while now with the introduction of the iPod, then the famous iPhone and then the most used tablet PC, the iPad, but what does their fate have in store for them?

Many people ask this question after the untimely death of Steve Jobs, the father of Apple, the man in charge, the leader. He was the decision maker even with plenty of staff members all with information technology degrees or a project management degree; he was still the man that made that final call.

There was a big connection between Steve Jobs and Apple, when you mentioned one you automatically thought of the other, he was the driving force behind the company’s success and now without him at the helm Apple may be in for a bumpy ride.

Even though their new iPad has been a swimming success, the iPhone 4S was a disappointment after the anticipated release of the iPhone 5, which many are still waiting for.

The technology they used is now being seen in competitors devices, some of them with better options which is steering people away from the Apple products, though it is anticipated that they will still be enjoying success for at least another twenty four months.

You still have your Apple die-harder’s, people who will never steer away from the product, those that love the way it works and how they can enjoy ease of use and simplicity with a choice of great apps from the store, taking time to visit guest site will enable you to see all the various other options available, including the exciting new Windows phone which operates on the same system as Windows 8, which is seamless and fully integrated with each other, so Apple has some hard work ahead of them to keep up with the demands in the industry.

From your Apple device you can do a range of activities from playing great games, checking emails, enjoying various apps and doing online searches where you can gather more information and search for best buy coupons.

The thing is that this isn’t unique to the Apple product anymore with Android and now the new Windows store, you can download apps on any of the devices you choose whether it’s the new Samsung Galaxy or the new Windows device. This means that you can purchase pull up bar on any device and not only an Apple device.

Apples touch screen caused a wave of excitement, but now many of the manufacturers offer bigger and better touch screens, ones that are more sensitive than the Apple, with a new leader in place he is going to have to take the reins, earn the respect of his staff and make some bold decisions to keep this company moving forward.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you may be aveterinary technician, you want the most out of your mobile device whether it’s a phone or tablet PC and you want to be able to use it for everything such as gaming, for example and with the choice available on the market, are Apple still the forefront of mobile technology or are they are on their way to the same fate as Sony?

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