Japan’s Technology Companies to Watch

Who would’ve thought that this small island-nation will someday be one of the world’s biggest economies and among those countries with very high GDP and per capita income? Indeed, Japanese people have been making it big, which probably makes each one of them feel ecstatic (like a treasure hunter who suddenly exclaims wow gold! upon finding a treasure trove).

Surely, Japan is one of today’s forces to reckon with in terms of economic growth. Many of its people surely can afford to buy several villas in Spain or perhaps own some posh office space London. But, the question is how did Japan achieve such feat with a relatively small workforce and very little natural resources?

No, it’s not due to work advice articles available in magazines, nor the yoga mats which some Japanese top executives might lie on while de-stressing themselves after a hard day of work—rather, it is chiefly due to their sheer workaholic attitude like that of helen pastorino, adaptability to changes and challenges like that of personal injury lawyers (like wittily responding to a hard question suddenly thrown by a court judge), and an almost unbelievable technological genius.

Here is a short list of some of Japan’s biggest and most profitable technology companies that you should keep an eye on:

1. Sony. The company behind PSP, Bravia, and many more. Sony has long capitalized on the lucrative consumer electronics market, and its top executives have for years been laughing their way to the bank, thanks in no small part to Sony’s consistent robust performance and profitability.

2. Toyota Motor. Toyota is already a tour de force in the American automobile landscape, and is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world today. It is also known to introduce some pretty astounding technological advances with each car make and model that it rolls out of its production line. Toyota has been making car dealers and car insurance companies happy with their robust sales in Japan and elsewhere in the world.

3. Toshiba. This consumer electronics giant is as smooth as a Drakensberg accommodation experience is when it comes to introducing cutting-edge technology and innovation. Toshiba is big in laptops and top-of-the-line television sets, and there is no doubt the company will continuously profit handsomely in the years to come.

4. Sharp. Sharp has long been an acknowledged leader in the world of high-end electronics technology. The company has time and again rolled out impressive, software gestionale-like products that never fail to captivate its target market. It shares the bulk of profits in the topnotch television market with Toshiba and Sony, and is no doubt one huge reason why people around the world are in awe of Japanese technological genius.

5. Canon. From copiers and fax machines to sophisticated cameras—Canon is the brand that will surely make people from all walks of life enjoy life a little bit more: from the humble san diego therapist to the affluent Silicon Valley bigwig.

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