Natural Disasters in Japan

The country of Japan already has a share of a number of disasters. In fact, it is very important that you keep informed on these disasters that have occurred in Japan especially if you plan to visit the country or you plan to move here.


Earthquakes are the most common natural disaster in Japan. In fact, the country has continuous earthquake activity because of the position of their country. The country lies on a subduction zone where one plate is being forced beneath another. Aside from this, the country is also at the meeting point of two pieces of the giant Pacific plate that moves in different directions along side each other. In this country, hardly a day will go by without an earthquake and most of these earthquakes are very minor but there are strong ones that Japan residents experience each year. Their recent earthquake that provoked a Tsunami in an area in Japan is still one of the hot topics in education today as the tsunami was caught on-cam as it swallows a certain area of Japan.


Since earthquakes often bombard Japan, tsunamis are not impossible to happen. You have to keep reading to know more about the tsunamis in Japan. They occur in Japan because the country is surrounded by water and because the country has a lot of earthquakes.

Erupting Volcanoes

The country is also covered in mountainous arcs and volcanoes are very common in Japan. You will find the volcanoes throughout the Kuril Islands, Northeastern Honshu and to the Bonin Islands. The country holds about one-tenth of the world’s active volcanoes and also hundred of inactive volcanoes.


Just like in most countries, typhoons have become the norm. Usually, Japan experienced about 29 typhoons in a year. The Typhoon season in Japan starts at the end of September and this is why car accident lawyers in the country are in demand because there are a lot of car accidents that happen when there is a typhoon.

Living in Japan is beautiful and it can be easy as your payday loans just as long as you are prepared to live through these natural disasters that often occur in Japan – especially the earthquakes. Japan residents are used to this already but if you’re new here, you will definitely feel scared. You might just be reading some movie reviews then an earthquake will startle you and next thing you know it, another earthquake will follow that earthquake that you experienced and you will notice the people around you, especially the locals are not that bothered anymore by these earthquakes.

That is why you really have to be prepared if you are moving or visiting Japan. You should also know safety precautions that you should take during natural disasters. It is very clear that the country has a high number of natural disasters that are caused by different aspects of nature. You will realize that it makes the country even more interesting the moment that you learn the frequent occurrence of natural disasters.

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